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Downloads and FAQ users receive high-quality access to the Internet with all the support that they have come to rely on, including:

With all the downloads we have available, installations are a snap, and we don’t load up your computer with extra software to get on the internet that is simply there to deliver ads. details


Download - iWarp Installer                                   363K Download - iWarp Installer (Michigan Residents) 337K Download - WarpSPEED® Installer                    1.14Mb

Dial-up Available Nationwide

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Installer Instructions

1. Click one of the links above.

2. Click the open box when the "File Download" box comes up

3. Read the terms and Click Yes to continue.

4. Select a local access number then click ok.( Then you will have to click ok on the next screen.)

5. Fill in your name, username, password, and check off any other of the options the would like turned on.

6. Click ok

7. (Optional) If you have selected the WarpSpeed package you will want to click on the WarpSpeed icon to down load and run the setup program for WarpSpeed. - Or you can click "Finished"Works with Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, NT, and 2000


E-mail Setup

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Outlook Express / Outlook

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