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With so many people out there offering you an internet sollution these days, it makes it mighy hard to know who to trust.  That’s why we offer real solutions for real people. We take care of our customers, which is why so many have been with us for years.

Why pay over $20.00 a month on a service that should only be costing you $9.95 a month?

AOL            $21.95    per/ month Earthlink     $16.95    per/ month   $9.95  per/ month

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Our partner company and solution for all PC, Servers, Printers, and Accessory needs.        Find out more!

MiWebLink Web Hosting & Domain Names


Our partner company MiWebLink® is our way of offering web site solutions to both Business and Residential customers.

Professional Design / Development

Website and Email Hosting

E-Commerce Solutions

Our Trifecta of all things computers makes us your total business solution. We pride ourselves in doing everything neccessary to get the job done for you. Business Internet Connections

Custom Websites for Businesses

Point of Sale Systems

Network Cabling

and much more!

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