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“Preference” advertising is a method for serving ads tailored to your interests. In order to provide you with a better Web surfing experience, may try to show you ads that are more relevant to you. may use information such as the websites you visit or online searches that you conduct to deliver or facilitate the delivery of advertisements. For example, if you like to visit the "Home Shopping" channel on's homepage, we may show you advertisements for home and family products. also uses third party advertising companies and technology called "ad networks" to serve some of the ads you see while you are on our Site. An “ad network” is a company that connects you to web sites that want to host advertisements with advertisers who want to run advertisements. or the ad networks may place cookies on your browser in order to serve you ads that are tailored to your interests. If there are any ad networks currently in use, they will be listed below. You are asked to  please click on the links listed below if you want to learn more about ad networks and find out how to opt-out from receiving tailored ads.

Please note that if you choose to opt-out from receiving preference advertisements from ad networks, the opt-out cookie that prevents you from receiving such advertisements is specific to the browser and computer you are using right now. Your opt-out choice cannot be honored if you access this site using a different browser on this computer or if you access this site from a different computer. Also, your opt-out choice cannot be honored if the cookies on your computer(s) are deleted. As a result, you should repeat this process with each browser and computer you use to access this site and whenever cookies are deleted from your computer(s). has no control over the opt-out tool utilized by the foregoing entities and cannot guarantee the performance of such tools, but wish to convey your current options. Any further questions should be directed to :